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XE Brands is a Global Corporation, born to make our world a better place. We deliver top quality products and services, at the right time, at the right place, for everyone to enjoy.


Products and services range from Home Security products through our premium brand XE Seguridad, to the best Sports products with our GOTT brand, to Re-Giftable ecologic Yute Original Bags, among others.



We partner only with the best in class factories and service providers, and deliver them to our customers through strong distribution channels, that include own stores, E-commerce, distributors and retail chains.




Welcome to XE Brands! Let´s make a better world together.

The best GPS SaaS platform.

Ecological Jute and wine bags

World class padel courts and more.

Changing the world one bag at a time.

Protect the best of your life.

Best value basics for everyone.

Send us your information and our team will contact you